Wholistic Families 

The five week program designed to help you and your family make healthy eating, simple and sustainable. 

Program Starts

Monday November 2, 2020

Weekly coaching calls are at 8pm PST

How you and your family 

feel and function is hugely dependent on what goes into your body.

Childhood obesity and

non-communicable diseases are on the rise, but simple changes have the power to course correct. 

Making healthy food choices doesn't have to be stressful, confusing, or break the bank.

If you are ready to improve your family's eating habits,

Wholistic Families is for you!

Nourish yourself and your family with confidence,

one meal, and one day at a time.

What you can experience from this online group program:


  • mindless snacking and eating. 
  • stress and confusion around food and food labels.
  • overwhelm around meal prep, lunches, and cooking. 
  • negative self-talk, guilt and shame around food, eating and body image.
  • frustration around how to make healthy changes and choices for you and your family, that actually stick.


  • clarity on what food provides our bodies and minds.
  • inspiration to plan and cook super simple healthy meals your family will enjoy.
  • strategies that will help break poor eating habits by making small simple adjustments.
  • energized and eager to make incremental changes that will have a huge impact on the entire family.
  • body confidence and positive self-talk that will help improve your families relationship with eating and food.

“Kristy gets into your head, not just your body and I had grave reservations about this. In coaching with Kristy it was immediately obvious that she was all about helping ME meet MY goals. Her enthusiasm, optimism and commitment shined through. I trusted her immediately. Our phone sessions are intensively positive, inspiring, and fun. When our coaching began, 4 months ago, I was addicted to Diet Coke. 

I haven’t touched a drop since my first coaching session. I don’t cheat. I don’t want to. That’s just one example of the change I have made.”
Murphy, Victoria BC ~ 2019

My Story

To be honest, I have not always had a good relationship with food. 20 years ago I used to over-exercise and under eat. I suffered for almost 2 years with the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. I feel blessed to have only struggled for a few years before gaining the insight and understanding of what I was doing to my body so I could make the conscious choice to forge a different path.

Now, being a parent, if there is anything I want for my son it's for him to grow up enjoying and loving food. I want to educate him about food and food products, I want him to understand how his food choices affect his body and mind. I also want his relationship with food to be a positive and enjoyable one. 

Food choices and habits start at home. They start the moment your little ones begin eating solid food. Sometimes our best laid plans go a little off course but it's never too late to make change. It all start with one small step! 

I believe that true wellness is achieved through a holistic approach, by taking care of your mind, body and soul. I also believe that families who eat together, grow together. Healthy living does not involve dieting, calorie counting, or weighing in on a scale. 

I have studied nutrition for over 10 years but it wasn’t until my son started school that I was inspired to create 'Wholistic Families'.  While volunteering at the school, I took notice of the number of kids struggling with weight concerns, poor quality lunch and snack options, and an overall limited ability to run, jump and move. I knew more had to be done.

In my 12 years of health and fitness coaching, I have supported hundreds of women, men and families gain strength, rehab from injury, lose weight, feel better in their bodies, gain confidence and making better choices around their nutrition, health and wellness. I look forward to helping you and your family too!

“I'm so grateful to have met you Kristy! You have really helped me and my family improve our eating habits and our approach to exercise.  You provided us with tools, support, and encouragement that will benefit us today and for years to come.' 

-Angie, Vernon BC ~ 2019

Healthy eating starts at home.

As caregivers, you get the chance to set your children up for success, 

today and for the rest of their lives.

This 5 week group nutrition program will focus on the following:

  • Week 1: Understanding food vs. food products, how to read labels, and how to create healthy balanced meals.
  • Week 2: Meal planning, shopping, and food prep with a focus on including the kids! 
  • Week 3: Mindful eating and it's importance. How to help curb mindless eating and instead focus on food as fuel.  
  • Week 4: Tips and tools on how to introduce new foods to your family, the power of setting a good example, and how to be more 'curious' and less 'habitual' with food.  
  • Week 5: Positive food-talk & body image, reasons we eat (beyond hunger), and creative ways to get you and your family moving more and sitting less (fun in-home workout videos included).  

Here’s what’s included:

  • 5, 1 hour group coaching calls, held online through Zoom (free video call software that's very easy to use), and recorded so replays are yours to keep.
  • 5 Printable Handouts, one to accompany each call.
  • 2 Meal planning eBooks + accompanying grocery lists (Gluten-Free & Vegetarian). 
  • 1, 45 minute individual coaching call for each family to gain personalized support. 
  • The option to join as a VIP! As a VIP you get 2, 45 minute coaching calls during the program & a food diary analysis to best support you and your family in implementing change.

Wholistic Family starts on Monday November 2, 2020 and runs for 5 weeks.

Doors close for registration on Sunday November 1, 2020.

Registration limited to 12 families. Save your spot today!


5 week group program plus 1, 45 minute private coaching call


5 week program plus 2, 45 minute coaching calls to be used during the program & food diary analysis for you and your family

Food is pleasure. Food is community.

Food is nourishment. Food is fuel.

Do any of these statements ring true to you?

Food means different things to different people. Over time our food system and our relationship to food has changed. In order to shift your thoughts and habits, you first need to gain insight, understanding, and awareness as to why you do what you do. It is then that you can make lasting changes to your life and that of your families.

Body confidence is learned, as is making healthy food choices. The better equipped you are to make positive choices the easier it is to instill those habits onto your children. It only takes one small step in the right direction to make major change.

Kristy and I have been working together for almost a year. I love her coaching style and that you really feel she has your back and best interest at heart. I have never once felt like I was on this health journey alone, I always knew I had a "team" in my corner and someone I could reach out to who wouldn't judge me. She can help you with more than just fitness and nutrition, but life goals as well! 

-Tierney, Vernon BC ~ 2019

But Kristy…

I am way too busy!
I hear this a lot and I get it. Our lives are full. We have commitments and things that require our time. But, carving out time for yourself and your family is just as important, if not more. We all have 24 hours in a day and we get to choose how we use those precious minutes. I trust you will make time for this program if your families health and well-being are a top priority.

What if I can’t make every call?
All group coaching calls will be recorded and sent to your email. If you cannot make a group coaching call you and your family can watch the replay and download the accompanying PDF on your own time. You won’t miss a thing!

Nothing has ever worked for me before.
I understand that there's a lot of noise out there from social media, magazines, and good-intentioned, but misinformed friends and family thinking they know the best thing for you and your kids. The truth is, diets are not sustainable. Meal plans are restrictive and only work for short periods of time. One style of eating alone is not suitable for all households. Healthy eating does not mean you cannot enjoy chips or chocolate bars. It's more about learning to balance optimal choices with those happy food pleasures. Life is too short to skip dessert (at least not all the time)!

I can’t afford it.
The cost of seeing a private nutrition coach will run you anywhere from $69-$129 per hour. And, coaching privately does not include connecting with other families with similar challenges, the opportunity to learn from each others experiences, and the chance to support each others wins. This program is a fraction of the price of 1:1 support with all the added benefits of a group. Plus, you get private support to help strategize on you and your families specific needs and goals. 


Hi! I’m Kristy and I’m a total foodie. I’m one of those peculiar people that actually enjoys grocery shopping or heading to the market to select food. I love to try new recipes and explore different foods, cook healthy meals and bake delicious and nutritious treats... and then eat them of course! I’m a certified Nutrition Coach, Strength Trainer, and Core Rehab Specialist.

My passion for health and wellness has led me to speak on stages such as BCFit Vancouver, Vernon Women In Business, Baby Talks Vernon, and I have led workshops at Creekside Dynamic Health, The Health Nest, Universal Packaging, Interior Health, Healthcare Benefit Trust, and over 10 school districts across BC. I’m also a children’s author and blogger and my work can be found on several online platforms as well as locally, here in the Okanagan.

When I am not running workshops or coaching, you can find me writing, in the kitchen baking peanut butter cookies and banana bread, playing in nature with my wife, or playing LEGO with, or without, my 7 year old son.

Join us!


5 week group program plus 1, 45 minute private coaching call


5 week program plus 2, 45 minute coaching calls to be used during the program & food diary analysis for you and your family

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