Kristy Ware is an expert in motivating and inspiring people to elevate their confidence, vitality and joy using simple sustainable strategies. She has been on stage and presenting wellness workshops for school districts, small businesses, and large organizations since 2018. Her mission is to help individuals and teams increase their productivity, morale, self-confidence and resilience while creating better cross-functional team connections, preventing burnout, and supporting mental & physical well-being. In order to succeed in this new world we must live more proactively and less reactively.  The future of your organization depends on it!

Self-Care Synergy

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LEAP Luncheon February 2021

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LGBTQ2+ & Inclusion In The Workplace

BCRPA Workshop August 2021

 Kristy's presentations are high energy, dynamic and interactive. She leaves a positive impact on every person she meets and inspires action in her audiences using science, stories and strategies with her 6 Elements of Health as the foundation: rest, movement, connection, nutrition, mindfulness & self-love. Now is the time to support your organization in developing healthy habits; both at work and beyond. 


Tier A: The 6 Elements of Health Introduction (Full Day)-

In this dynamic, educational and interactive program, you and your staff will learn and take action my 6 elements of health: rest, movement, connection, nutrition, mindfulness and self-love. The goal is to inspire and support you and your employees to make choices that will impact your lives for the better.

Tier B: The 6 Elements of Health Group Coaching Program (6 weeks)-

An in-depth and expanded version of Tier A. Using the 6 elements as the foundation, the goal of this program is to foster employee interaction, connection and communication, as well as greater resilience, self-confidence, health and well-being. 

Tier C: The 6 Elements of Health Hybrid Program (3 Months)-

An expanded and hybrid version of Tier B. In addition to group calls, employees will receive 1:1 coaching support. This will identify any negative habits or routines and provide personalized support to help guide individuals towards positive change.


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Kristy can be booked for corporate presentations, conferences, school district events, small business events, and personal development.

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

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