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friday March 12 :: self-love

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Self Care AS Self Love ~ The Difference Between Being & Doing

Interview with Deanna Deacon

Deanna Deacon is an author, speaker and intuitive life coach from a small town in BC, Canada. Deanna supports strong woman leaders to lean into their feminine energy for more sustainable and soul-filling success, abundance and joy.

By releasing their societal conditioning of externally-focused drive, Deanna’s clients learn to activate their innate magnetic essence and create sustainable and soul-filling success, relationships, and joy!️ Through 1:1 intuitive coaching, soulful business mentorship, distance Reiki healings and empowering retreats, Deanna’s clients experience more spaciousness, fun and ease everyday.

Deanna is on a mission to support humanity’s evolution through being a pillar of light and love, and awakening all women to their own True Potential. In order to restore balance on this planet, we must first create internal harmony with our masculine and feminine energy. To begin exploring your own inner harmony, order Deanna's debut book; Feminine Warrior, at

Free Gift:
Deanna has created a training that includes 3 simple tools to help you connect to your intuition.


You Are Love, So Be It

Interview with Adrian Moreno

After losing about 100 pounds and getting out of the pre-diabetic zone Adrian decided to live a life helping other people experience the beauty and magical power of weight loss

He started training in person about 4 years ago and noticed how limited his impact was in the walls of a gym, so about 2 years ago he went fully online and has made a bigger impact ever since!

He specifically help's client focused business owners, entrepreneurs, and high level leaders/managers take care of their health so they can take care of the people they serve at a much higher level!

Because as Adrian says, "Nobody can be an impactful human being in a body that doesn't allow them the bandwidth to do it."

Optimal health first. Maximum impact second.

Free Gift:
Adrian is gifting a 42 minute training video on 'How to reprogram your subconscious mind for rapid weight loss.'


Wrap-Up Closing Call

with host, Kristy Ware

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