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Sunday March 7 :: REST

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with Host, Kristy Ware

Rest. Play. Recharge. The Best Kept Secret to Success

Interview with Tasha Skillin

Tasha Skillin is a Transformation and Habit Alignment Coach for recovering perfectionists, people pleasers and productivity junkies. For over 17 years she’s been guiding women back to themselves in varying elements of life including sexual health and intimacy, communication and relationships, parenting, money and through business coaching. In 2017 she was mostly bedbound, diagnosed with a chronic illness and told she would be lucky to ever have a fully functioning life again. She spent the last 4 years healing her body while also recovering from emotional trauma, chronic stress and long-standing grief.

Now she helps her clients and community shift from self doubt and questioning their purpose to guilt free days of being excited and aligned in personal and professional relationships, health, money and the meaningful impact we were each born to have. Her mission is to ensure no woman ever misses a moment of her divine journey because she was chasing someone else’s expectations for her.

Currently she lives in Richmond, VA, USA with her husband and coaching partner, Brandon, and their two kiddos Lj and Ainsley, plotting and manifesting the next adventure.

Free Gift:
The practice of meditation looks a little different for everyone. Tasha has put together a free 60 minute training on how to customize your meditation practice so you can stop trying to be someone you're not.


Sleep and Regeneration: One of the Real 'Cures' to Disease

Interview with Paul Leenderste

Paul Leenderste is an author, Level 3 CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and a former Certified Kinesiologist. Paul’s expertise has always been in cancer prevention and reversal. Up until recently Paul and his wife Aria have been operating a healing center outside of Toronto, ON, Canada but just after this interview was recorded they packed up and headed to Switzerland to start a new adventure and healing center.

Free Gift:
Paul is giving away a 25% discount on his book, The Root Cause of Cancer - How to Begin Healing From Within, by going to After you make your purchase you can send Paul an email at with your name and mention this interview Paul will give you a 25% refund.

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