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Monday March 8 :: Movement

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The Power of Movement

Interview with Trisha Curling

Trish started as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor almost 20 years ago, but decided to take her teaching skills into the classroom. During her 9 years as an Elementary School teacher, she both gained weight and incurred a number of injuries, but changed all of that by returning to yoga and resistance training.

Due to the massive impact it had on her physical, emotional, and spiritual health, Trish left her career as a teacher and became re-certified as a Personal Trainer. She also completed her 200 Hr. yoga teacher training, along with studies in the Nervous System, Restorative yoga, and the therapeutics of the shoulder, hip, and spine with Yoga Medicine.

Trish is currently working with clients for 1 on 1 virtual yoga and personal training sessions. She strives to create an environment with her clients that feels safe, fun, approachable, and challenging enough, so that they feel that they have contributed to their overall health in a positive way.

Free Gift:
Trish is gifting one lucky listener a free 60 minute virtual private yoga session with Ani O Yoga. (Valued at $120 + HST)
Send Trish an email at and get your name entered in the draw! You can also stay connected to Trish by heading over to her website and signing up for her eNews:

Keys for Making Movement Your Medicine

Interview with Mischa Harris

Mischa is a somatic therapist based in beautiful Victoria, BC. With a long history in high performance sport and complex injury rehabilitation, Mischa is passionate about helping people understand their health and performance through a broader lens, shining light on the areas that are often misunderstood or forgotten about as a source of healing and vitality. Also a facilitator with the Pneuma Transpersonal Institute, Mischa blends hands on Fascial Stretch Therapy and movement therapy with the wisdom offered by the study of Transpersonal Psychology and ancient wisdom traditions.

Free Gift:
Mischa has put together a Spotify Playlist that takes the concepts from this interview and puts them into practice. The playlist is filled with songs designed to help you move in a way that expresses joy and balances your entire system. Enjoy while in nature or in the solitude of your home.


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