March 10

Synergize Your Health – The 6 Elements for Greater Vitality and Joy!

For two and a half years, I made Sunday mornings my writing time. I dedicated 6-7:30am to putting my stories and knowledge into a word doc. I shared my breakdowns, breakthroughs, my clients success stories, and of course medical research, to bring it all together. And now my first health book is released!

Synergize Your Health is a well crafted combination of relatable stories, scientific evidence, and simple strategies to help you create a life of optimal health. My goal was to create an easy-to-digest perspective that makes mastering and balancing your 6 elements of health easy and sustainable.

Those elements are: Rest, Movement, Connection, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Self-Love.

As you will learn, to synergize your health means to unite several things to create an effect greater than they could alone. The result: a life filled with greater vitality and joy. A life where adding healthy habits into your routine goes way beyond eating vegetables, drinking water, and daily exercise. Those habits absolutely play a part but so does the amount of sleep you get each night, your ability to live with presence and purpose, and your ability to treat yourself with kindness; body, mind and soul.

This book includes real life success stories from people who have changed their habits, balanced their hexagon of health, and strengthened their mindset. Discover the 6 step formula so you can tap into your motivation, clear your blocks, and set yourself up for long term success.

Any change you want to make in your life and health starts with one step. Taking that first step is the hardest part but when you do, you have the ability to take 100 more.

What others are saying about my book:

Bestselling Author Michelle Segar of No Sweat, says, ‘Ware gives us a concrete framework that is ‘sticky’ and easy to use.’

Kim Vopni, Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and Author of Your Pelvic Floor states, ‘This book has the power to transform and inspire many.

Kathy Leake, Owner of Straight Up Fitness & Personal Training, ‘Kristy has found an approach to health and wellness that is refreshingly straightforward.’

If you’re ready to:

  • Create more balance in your life through the synergy of the 6 elements of health: Rest, Movement, Connection, Nutrition, Mindfulness & Self-love.
  • Learn through proven science, stories, and strategies for optimal health.
  • Clear any negativity that’s holding you back while discovering your courage so you can live with greater vitality and joy.

…then this is your book!

If you’re in the US or International, go here.

If you’re in Canada, go here

And if you do read it, please consider leaving me a review on Amazon. Reviews are very important to independent authors! Thank you.


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