December 13

The Simplest Thing I Do For My Health Every Day


One of my very favourite exercises is walking. Walking not only allows me to see things I wouldn’t otherwise notice but it also gets my creative juices flowing.

Have you ever noticed this? Give me 30 minutes outside walking and I will return with a ton of fun and interesting ideas.

The truth is, not a single exercise is more affordable and versatile than walking. It’s not only a great way to explore the outdoors and get your heart pumping, but it can be done virtually anywhere, anytime. I find that taking a 30 minute stroll after supper is a great way to help digest my dinner but also to unwind after a long day.

Another great benefit of walking is that it helps to relieve stress and helps you sleep more soundly. Does that sounds good to you?

Although I am not big on calorie counting, a common question I am asked time and again is how many calories can someone burn while walking. Here’s the stats:

– A 130 lb person walking for 1 hour at a very slow pace can burn roughly 118 calories and at a brisk pace can burn 224 calories in the same time frame.

– A 180 lb person walking for 1 hour at a very slow pace can burn roughly 163 calories and at a brisk pace can burn 267 calories in the same time frame.

The amount of calories you burn while exercising is dependent on several factors including your weight, the speed you traveling and the type of terrain you walk on (hills, flat, stairs etc…).

More importantly than burning calories, getting out for a regular walk is great because:

  • there is no fancy equipment needed except a good pair of shoes
  • it costs next to nothing
  • you can do it anywhere and in most weather conditions if you’re dressed appropriately
  • brisk walking can help ward of diabetes by improving your insulin metabolism
  • moderate exercise like walking has been shown to improve people’s sex lives (the better people feel about themselves the more sexual they are likely to be)
  • it boosts serotonin levels creating a sense of well being – a natural pick-me-up!
  • walking can help alleviate chronic pain by lubricating the joints and increasing blood flow throughout the body
  • regular exercise can help people ward off and/or recover from many forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease
  • brisk walking done on a regular basis helps keep the mind sharp by increasing the blood flow to the brain

Seriously, if this information is not enough to motivate you to get out and walk, I am not sure what will? Take your kids, go solo or connect with your mama friends and make walking a part of your day.

Where do you plan on walking today?



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