January 4

What’s Your Self-Care Synergy Level? FREE QUIZ


Many years ago, like many people in their early 20’s, I thought I had it all figured out. 

I thought I knew what health was and I was living my best life. Ha. Not the case. I had no idea my perception of what it meant to live a happy, healthy lifestyle was so screwed. I used to over-exercise and under-eat. I loved the high and the outlet that exercise gave me and I used that tool to a fault. 

My food choices contained way too much sugar and not enough nutrients to feed my excessive exercise habits. Not a recipe for health or performance. 

Mindset practice? I had no idea what that was, let alone have one. Meditation and journaling were things that ‘other people’ did. They weren’t for me and I couldn’t see how they would benefit my life. At least, those were my beliefs back then. 

A lot has changed in my life and with my lifestyle over the past 20 years. All changes that have impacted my life for the better. 

The one key thing that has impacted me the most is my ability to synergize my health and self-care. 

Synergizing means incorporating my 6 elements of health: rest, movement, connection, nutrition, mindfulness & self-love, into how I live, how I teach, and with those I coach. 

When you understand what is missing or out of balance, then you can make changes to create more SYNERGY in your health and vitality.

Are you curious if any elements of your health are out of balance?

Are you interested in how you can better synergize your health? 

Take my short, fun, free quiz to learn more! 



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