June 20

Episode 8: What happens when people put up resistance to DEI education or initiatives?


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Did you know that the number one thing peole resist in life is change? The majority of people like routines, predicatablity, and keeping things just as they are.

And, they don't like it when they have to navigate changes in language, ways of doing things, systems, or protols. It's our brains way of protecting us but it doesn't always serve us well. Especially since the only gurantee in life is change.

If you're trying to roll out DEI education, push policies forward, make changes to hiring practices, install gender-neutral bathrooms, or put pronouns into practice you're likely to come up against resistance. The question on most people's minds is, what the heck can I do about it?

In this episode, I talk about:

  • the main reasons people resist change
  • the 5 F's continum model of people
  • what to do when people in your organization are resistant to change

Additional Resources: 

  • My book, Dismantling The Obstacles To Workplace Inclusion -  kristyware.com/press/
  • Alphabet Soup by Michael Bach - CLICK HERE to purchase
  • Birds of All Feathers by Michael Bach - CLICK HERE to purchase
  • Rick Torben's Article on The Reasons People Resist Change - CLICK HERE


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