June 20

Episode 2: Should I add my pronouns to my email signature?


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Adding your pronouns to virtual identifiers, business cards, name tags, and email signature is becoming common practice. There are a variety of reasons people choose to take this step towards 2LGBTQI+ allyship, do you know yours?

Tune into this episode and answer four important questions in order to help understand if and why adding your pronouns to your signifier is a good idea. By taking small steps like this one, you can begin to create an inclusive space for all people, of all genders, and identities. 

But, before you take action, be very clear on your why! 

In this episode, I talk about:

  • the four most important questions a cisgender and/or straight person should ask before adding pronouns to their email signature
  • the importance of knowing your 'why' before taking action
  • what you can expect to gain for the weekly episodes

Additional Resources: 

  • My book, Dismantling The Obstacles To Workplace Inclusion -  kristyware.com/press/
  • Putting Pronouns Into Practice - CLICK HERE to download


2SLGBTQI+ inclusion

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