Primal Movement 101

By Kristy Ware | Blog

Sep 28

While on vacation visiting family, my aunt, who’s all about health and fitness, shared a magazine with me called Go Paleo. From the moment I saw it loved everything about it! The cover graphic, articles, recipes, and especially the primal movement exercise section.

Although I have been incorporating many primal movements into my training for years, there is always more to learn. Since reading Go Paleo, primal movement has become an even bigger focus in my life. Primal movement means choosing exercises because of how they transfer over to our daily lives, bodies, and how they improve functional movement patterns.  

Training this way means doing exercises that benefit not only your muscles but also your mind.

Check out my Vblog where I share six of my favourite primal movements with you.

They just might spice up your workout routine, and your day!  

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