Let's Talk About Pain 

A Virtual Workshop on Managing Chronic Pain Holistically

With Keri Fulmore and Kristy Ware

When you reduce your inflammation and overall stress, you reduce your pain and get back to truly living your life. Learn how to start implementing holistic healing practices today that your body needs for recovery, repair and pain management.  

Live Virtual Workshop ~ Let's Talk About Pain
DATE: Thursday April 12, 2018
TIME: 5:30pm PDT/ 8:30pm EDT

Investment: $10

The truth is:
1. Chronic pain is experienced by the majority of the population at one time or another.
2. Most people suffer in pain for 3 months or more and don’t know what options are available or why they are suffering in the first place.
3. Pain not only negatively affects us physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.
4. Pharmaceutical medication can become addictive and will not treat the root cause of the issue.
5. Body inflammation can be changed with proper food choices, exercise, mindset practices and stress management.
6. Body pain is an indicator that your body needs to rest and reassess.

Keri Fulmore

Kristy Ware 

We invite you to join us for this virtual workshop where you will learn how to take your healing into your own hands with our professional guidance, motivation and support.

We have lived with chronic pain for many years and honestly, it is scary, disheartening and frustrating.

We were unclear of what it was going to take to heal, what path our lives and careers would take because of our experiences or if we would ever be the same again.

Are we 100% in the clear? Definitely not; but knowing how to manage flare-ups and what helps it improve changes the way we function on a daily basis.

It requires a lot of faith and trust in your body. There will be uncertainty but in the end your body does want to heal and when given the right tools, we believe it can absolutely do so.

If you are done suffering with chronic pain and ready to take a holistic approach to healing, then join Keri Fulmore (Medical Intuitive and Healer) and Kristy Ware (Core Rehab Specialist, Strength Trainer & Nutrition Coach) for this introduction to managing your pain and finding peace in your life.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Join us LIVE for the Let's Talk About Pain workshop
DATE: Thursday April 12, 2018
TIME: 5:30pm PDT/ 8:30pm EDT

Investment: $10

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