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7 Day Meal Planning Ebooks

Choose from either my Vegetarian or Gluten-free eBook for $6.97 each — or get both for only $11.97!

Make meal planning, grocery shopping and nourishing your family faster and easier so that those busy weeknights running the kids to activities no longer leave you scrabbling to get dinner on the table.

These ebooks will serve you well if you are…

  • Lacking inspiration and healthy ideas on what to cook for you and your family. 
  • Want simple, kid tested dinner options that double as lunch. 
  • Enjoy feeling organized and prepared around meal planning.

Every time you cook and eat a meal, it’s an opportunity to nourish you and your family from the inside out.

Why am I so passionate about meal planning and cooking? 

I am a total foodie! I love to shop for food, grow food, cook and eat! I have a background in nutrition and love nothing more than nourishing my family on a daily basis. I believe healthy eating starts in the home and what better way to care for my son and wife then by nourishing their bodies and their minds. We as parents need to set the example for our kids and when we do, watching them thrive is worth every second. 

I love cooking but sometimes even for me, dinner prep can feel daunting. Meal planning and filling our fridge with lots of fruits, veggies and homemade snack options like my Raw Energy Ball recipe found in my Vegetarian eBook or the Homemade Muffins recipe found in my Gluten-Free eBook makes life that much healthier and easier. 

Regardless of how skilled you are in the kitchen these recipes are simple, kid tested and will have you breezing through dinner time with ease. 

Enjoy every bite!

~ Kristy Ware, Strength Trainer & Nutrition Coac