Kristy is a health and well-being expert, speaker and author, inspiring individuals and organizations to build resilience, create connection and foster inclusion by taking conscious steps toward implementing change. 

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Kristy has been on in-person and virtual stages since 2018. Her mission is help leaders increase employee productivity and morale while creating better cross-functional team connection, preventing turn and burn, and dismantling the obstacles to workplace inclusion.

In order to succeed in this new world you must live more proactively and less reactively.

The future of your organization depends on it.

Clients Testimonials

Zach Webster, CPHR

I had the opportunity to hear and participate in a CPHR Roundtable session facilitated by Kristy around Overcoming Burnout. Her delivery was engaging and encouraging, her content was useful and current, and her style was open and collaborative. I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot from Kristy and the others in attendance.

Sarita Parmar, LEAP Conference

Kristy spoke at our LEAP for Women networking luncheon in February 2021. We loved her energy and invited her back to participate as a speaker for the annual LEAP Conference (Oct 2021). This was a hybrid event with an in-person audience and live streamed to a virtual audience. To be the last speaker of the day AND keep an audience engaged is no easy feat. Kristy was able to keep both audiences engaged with the energy she brought to the stage and the actionable tips she shared on how to improve your health and overall well-being.

Cristy Becker, Directors Guild of Canada

Our organization engaged Kristy Ware to present an 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion workshop series, and it was a great success with our membership. Kristy’s welcoming manner and tone set the stage for thoughtful discussion and reflection, and her charismatic and accessible style of presentation made everyone feel at ease. She was able to provide explanations in an easy to understand way that gave attendees a much more solid understanding of 2SLGBTQ+ language and the community. The DGC has welcomed Kristy as one of our DEI Core Trainer's.

Suzanne Young, Committee Member - SPARK Leadership Conference

Kristy is an energetic, engaging, professional and relatable presenter. Speaking to a live virtual audience can be quite difficult, yet Kristy was able to create a comfortable, non-judgmental space for the participants to interpret the information provided, ask questions, and have open dialogue. Kristy had a very effective way of taking an uncomfortable topic like 2SLGBTQ+ and inclusion and making it seem like a comfortable conversation between old friends. I would recommend Kristy to anyone seeking to create a more inclusive environment.

Christina Vinters, Vernon Women in Business

Kristy Ware's presentation on "Self-Care for Success in Business and Beyond" was energetic, informative and inspiring. I enjoyed her down-to-earth presentation style and the humour she used to drive home the important points. She was well-prepared and clearly very knowledgeable about her topic. I highly recommend inviting Kristy to speak at future events!

Kristy's presentations are high energy, dynamic and relatable.

Leaving a positive impact on every person she meets, Kristy inspires action in her audiences using science, stories and strategies 

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

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