April 28

Discovering My Truth and My Community – Guest Blog for the Salmon Arm Pride Project


As a child, the only point of reference we have is the family we are raised in and the community we live in. It’s not until we become teenagers and young adults that we begin to break free of the confines of our family and explore the world with our own eyes, and hearts.

I knew there was something different about me from an early age. But, growing up in a predominantly white heterosexual rural Southern Ontario community didn’t lend itself to openly exploring my sexual orientation or what it meant.

I was thrilled to be invited to guest blog on the Salmon Arm Pride Project where I share my story, lessons, and truth in finding myself and my community. My hope is that in doing so, I help other members of the LGBTQ2 community find their people and live their truth.



British Columbia, Canada, enjoying life, LGBTQ2, mindset, personal trainer, queer health coach, queer-friendly trainer, self care

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