I created the CORE TONING & STRENGTHENING eBook for anyone who has:

  • hip, back and pelvic pain
  • birthed a baby (no matter how many years out of birth you are)
  • started experiencing urinary incontinence
  • a weak core and wants to gain strength

This easy to follow eBook will put you on the road towards greater strength and less pain. The exercises are straightforward and effective. Your future self will thank you!

Included in this 24 page eBook:

  • 12 exercises with images, written descriptions and workout plan
  • easy to follow routine specific to core strengthening and toning
  • full length exercise video
  • 3 day meal plan complete with recipes and cooking instructions
  • simple daily self-care practices to have you feeling your best
  • additional resources and definitions

Only $12 CAD

(approx. $8.75 USD) 

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