Core, Pelvic Floor & More! 
Virtual Workshop

Thursday May 23, 2019 @ 10am PST/1pm EST
Stop leaking, eliminate pelvic, hip and back pain and regain your core strength.

Restore your core & pelvic floor, safely and effectively -- regardless if your pain and discomfort is a result of having children or not. 
It's time to get back to doing the things you love: no gym and no fancy equipment required.

Here's the honest truth:

   ➜  1 in 3 women suffer some form of pelvic floor dysfunction including incontinence or back pain,
   ➜  it takes a postpartum body upwards of 12 months to fully recover,
   ➜ 50% of women will experience a pelvic organ prolapse as a result of childbirth or a hysterectomy.

Crunches, sit-ups, HITT workouts, Crossfit, jogging, and Bootcamps are NOT the answer to regaining strength.

I know you moms out there are likely thinking, but I really want to lose this baby weight and get my body back. Isn't high intensity cardio and doing ab exercises the quick fix?

No. In fact, these kinds of exercise may actually cause you more problems then you realize.

Pregnancy and birth is highly taxing on the body physically, emotionally and mentally. Spending time now learning to reconnect with your pelvic floor and retrain your core muscles takes minimal effort but it is the foundation for you to get back to doing the things you love most, no matter how far out of birth you are.

If you are here because of injury, unrelated to childbirth, rebuilding your body is done in the very same way. Through specific exercises designed to help you regain that mind, body connection.

I believe it is important to have the knowledge AND the tools to help rehab your core so that you can regain your strength and confidence.

This is why I created a 25 page eBook, "Core Toning & Strengthening", that you will receive with this workshop. It includes exercise videos, written instructions, a 3-day meal plan and self-care suggestions to help you on your journey.

"Since having my son I've experienced bouts of hip and lower back pain (lacking in the core strength department). I decided to attend Kristy's virtual workshop and I really appreciated the information and tools she taught. Learning what exercises I could do right in the comfort of my living room has been helpful, and gaining insight into what a healthy pelvic floor should actually feel like and do is also an added bonus!" - Reiko F., Mom of 1

"I first connected with Kristy as a result of hip and low back pain. I have not birthed children but hope to someday. Since taking this workshop and carrying on to work with Kristy privately, my body feels great! I am still doing the exercises and using the breathing techniques she taught me every day. And the best part is, I'm seeing my chiropractor and message therapist way less." - Rachel R., Midwife

Have you heard mixed reviews on how to best support your body after having a baby?
Do you sometimes feel frustrated, confused and like you wish there was a manual on how to navigate things like hip, back and pelvic related pain?

I have over 11 years experience in my career as a Strength Trainer. I thought I was strong and fit. But from 2012 - 2014, I had to recover from a severe back injury — that was related to a pelvic floor dysfunction. It inspired me to certify as a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Coach and Core Rehab specialist.

In this virtual workshop, I will teach you what pelvic floor dysfunctions are and share a few simple and effective exercises that will help you on your journey to prepare your body for childbirth, recover that after or simpley eliminate pain from injury.  No matter your circumstances, the information taught here will be of benefit to all women at all stages.

This workshop will teach you: 

✓ What the terms Diastasis Recti Abdominis, incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse are and how to you know if you have them
✓ Why it is important to return to exercise slowly after birth or other injury by doing some methodical exercises for rebuilding and restoring your core muscles
✓ 12 functional exercises in both video and written format that you can start doing today using my Core Toning & Strengthening eBook

The eBook will provide you:
  • Exercise videos to follow that are simple yet effective
  • Written instructions that clarify each movement and why it's important
  • 3 day meal plan to ensure you are eating well 
  • Self-care suggestions to help you along your journey to motherhood and beyond

What happens when you retrain your core and reconnect with your pelvic floor? 

★ You begin to gain more confidence in your body and improve your sex life
★ You start to rebuild strength and start getting back to the activities you enjoyed prenatal
★ Coughing, laughing and sneezing no longer has you running to the bathroom
★ I’m not talking about hours a day in the gym but dedicating 15-20 minutes 3 days each week to your physical rehab because you DESERVE it!

This workshop and eBook combo is ideal for: 

Women planning on having children
♥ Expecting Moms

♥ Moms (no matter how far out of birth you may be)
♥ Women going through menopause who are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above

♥ Women who are suffering with hip, back and pelvic pain unrelated to childbirth

If you are not able to attend the live workshop on Thursday May 23, 2019 @ 10am PST, the replay and accompanying eBook will be sent to your email the following day.

“I just started doing the pelvic floor exercises a few weeks ago and I’ve already noticed a difference! Thank you, Kristy, it’s nice to not be fearful of sneezing anymore.” - Sarah H., Mom of 2

About Your Facilitator
Kristy Ware
Kristy has been in the health and wellness industry for over 11 years and is a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Coach & Core Rehab Specialist. She helps women, from 1st - 4th trimester and beyond, regain their fitness and fabulousness. She believes that true health is achieved through a holistic approach, by taking care of your mind, body and soul.
Kristy trains clients in-person and online either through 1:1 coaching, workshops or personalized training programs. Kristy is a facilitator, author, speaker and outdoor enthusiast. She lives in Vernon, BC with her wife and son.

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