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Body, Kind & Soul

Online women’s holistic health group membership.

Welcoming new members for July 2020!

“Since joining your membership, I’m feeling better, have more energy, and I'm seeing a big difference in my body!”

Don’t enjoy the gym (if it's even open) and prefer to exercise at home?

Would you love to lose a few pounds, or improve your eating habits, and body confidence and need the motivation and guidance of a coach?

Have you suffered an injury or been out of fitness for a while, and feel nervous getting back into it?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions,

Body, Kind & Soul

is for you! 


Welcoming new members now for July 2020!


Body, Kind & Soul is an online holistic health group membership for women. Achieving better overall health and well-being means taking small steps each day in the direction of your desires.


The group is run entirely online through email and a private Facebook community and you have unlimited access to all workout videos, nutrition talks, and posts while you’re part of the membership.


This online community is for you if you’re seeking a non-judgmental group of like minded women who want to improve their mindset, health, fitness and have access to professional coaching all in one place.


If you’re someone who loves exercising in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment, and you're between the age of 30-50, the content, exercise videos, and personal practices will be well suited to meet your needs.

I always encourage members to ask questions and offer suggestions for what they would like to learn!

Join us now!

Group Membership ONLY

$85 CAD /month (approx. $63 USD)

6 Month Commitment

VIP Group Membership 

Includes 1, 30 minute private coaching call /month

$135 CAD /month (approx. $100 USD)
6 Month Commitment


The first 5 women to activate a new membership will receive over $40 in bonus gifts:

  • Vibrantly Confident video program to increase your body confidence and self love
  • Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Meal Planning eBooks, with recipes and grocery lists
  • Empowerment Meditation Bundle, 3 guided visualizations created by Flora Ware

“Measure your self-worth by the size of your heart, not the size of your jeans." -KW

What current members are saying:​​​​

"I just did that core strength & stability workout again. I love having the option to attend your live workouts or catch a replay on my own time. I'm grateful to have access to all these great videos and posts!"

"Kristy, I want to thank you and tell you how much I am enjoying your membership. Since joining your membership, I’m feeling better, have more energy, and I'm seeing a big difference in my body! Look at my tummy!!! (she sent before and after photos of her progress after only two months) I can't wait to see what next month brings!"

"I love the variety of information you share and that you take our suggestions into account. I also love that your exercise videos challenge me but don't hurt me."

My 6 Pillars of Health are the foundation of this membership:

BODY: Movement & Rest

2 workouts every week (replays remain available so you can refer back anytime you like) that are a mix of strength, cardio, flexibility, and rehab and require minimal equipment.

Rest and recovery is just as important to our bodies as getting enough exercise. There is an emphasis on working at your own pace and modifying as needed.

KIND: Nutrition & Self Love

Each week there is a nutrition coaching topic in video or written format to help you make nourishing your body smooth and simple. No calorie counting, no dieting and no scale required.

Committing to more self love, improving your confidence, and self-esteem is a foundational part of this group. Together we can share what inspires us to love our lives.

SOUL: Mindfulness & Connection

Each week there is a mindful exercise (meditation, journal prompt, etc) or instructional video to inspire self-awareness and positivity.

Each week there is a post to help create engagement and connection among the members. Member interaction and sharing is encouraged!

How Body, Kind & Soul was born

I created this group shortly after COVID 19 hit my community. Life as I knew it changed in a matter of days. I was left questioning everything about my work, my health, my financial situation, and my life. I wanted to feel grounded, strong, and ready to tackle whatever came my way.

In an effort to put some routines and certainty in my life, I also realized that I wanted to help others do the same. Everyone was stuck at home. People started asking me if I would teach classes online.

So, I created a space to do just that. 

The doors opened to the program back in April and 3 months later, here we are! The group has become a place of inspiration, motivation, and connection. The women show up each week for themselves and one another. I'm proud of each of them and am grateful they chose to join me on this journey. Now we are opening the doors for new members to join us.

In my 12 years of coaching, I have helped hundreds of men and women regain strength, rehab from injury, lose weight, feel better in their bodies, gain confidence, and make better choices around their nutrition, health and well-being. I would be honoured to support you in doing the same.

But Kristy...

I'm way too busy.
I hear this a lot and I get it. Our lives are full. We have commitments and things that require our time. But, carving out time for yourself and your needs is just as important, if not more, than constantly putting yourself last. We all have 24 hours in a day and we get to choose how we use those precious minutes.

What if I can’t make a workout or nutrition talk live?
All replays will remain in the group with unlimited access. There are currently over 16 workouts to choose from and new options are being added weekly. If you choose the VIP membership, each private coaching call includes an email follow-up so you have it to refer back to as needed. You won’t miss a thing!

Nothing has ever worked for me before.
I understand that there’s a lot of noise out there on social media, in magazines, and from misinformed friends and family thinking they know the best thing for you. The truth is, diets are not sustainable. Meal plans are restrictive and only best for short periods of time. And, it takes 6-12 months to make health and fitness related changes. A better approach is to learn sustainable habits that will help you for a lifetime, not a short time.

I can’t afford it.
My rate for private nutrition coaching is $97 per hour. My fitness training clients pay between $65 - $87 per session. Gym memberships don't include coaching. And, private coaching does not include connecting with others and the opportunity to learn from their experiences, challenges, and wins. This membership is a fraction of the price of 1:1 support with all the added benefits of a group, plus, you can add on 1:1 coaching for additional support at a reduced rate. It's win, win!  

About Me

Hi I’m Kristy! I love feeling strong and energized and I’m a total foodie. I’m one of those people that get up early most mornings to meditate and move my body. I enjoy shopping for food, trying new recipes, and cooking healthy meals for my family, baking, and of course, eating it all! I’m a certified Nutrition Coach, Strength Trainer, and Core Rehab Specialist.

My passion for health and wellness has led me to speak on stages (and virtually over the past few months) across my home province of BC, Canada. I have almost completed my first adult non-fiction book (I'm jumping with joy as I share this!) so I can spread my knowledge, philosophy, and passion for health even further.

When I am not instructing, speaking or coaching, you can find me lifting weights, riding my bike, writing, playing in the kitchen, exploring nature with my wife, or building LEGO with, or without, my 6 year old son.

Join us now!  

Group Membership ONLY

$85 CAD /month (approx. $63 USD)

6 Month Commitment

VIP Group Membership

Includes 1, 30 minute private coaching call / month

$135 CAD /month (approx. $100 USD)
6 Month Commitment