Become A Queer Ally

The Gender Spectrum, Unconscious Bias and Breaking Down The Barriers To Inclusion For 2SLGBTQI+

Coming June 2023 - Pride Month

Online Three Part Workshop Series Hosted by Kristy Ware Coaching & Consulting

  • Do the constructs of gender and pronouns confuse you?
  • Do you have a desire to understand biased thoughts AND learn how to dismantle yours?
  • Would you like to help make the world a more inclusive place for 2SLGBTQI+?

There are a variety of reasons to attend this workshop series. 

You may want to learn for personal or for professional reasons.

You want to be a supportive adult for a child or extended family member who identifies as 2SLGBTQI+.

Or, it's possible you want to better serve your client base, or improve work relations with your colleagues.

Whatever your reasons, this is an exciting and important step on your journey to
become a queer ally!

"Kristy presented to the leadership team at Broadmead Care on Inclusion in the Workplace. It was fantastic! Kristy’s ability to put people at ease while engaging our team members with open dialogue was beyond our expectations."

Denise May

Who is this introductory three part series for?

  • entrepreneurs, coaches or practitioners working with the public
  • employees working for small or large organization or non-profits
  • parents, caregivers or educators
  • individuals with a desire to better understand gender & 2SLGBTQI+
  • individuals who wish to become better ally's for 2SLGBTQI+

"If we expect the world to change, we must be the change we wish to see in the world."

Kristy Ware

Three Workshops, Three Deep Dives

Living Beyond The Binary
Saturday November 5

In this session you will learn: Gender terminology, what it means to live beyond the binary, the 2SLBGTQI+ acronym defined, inclusive vs. exclusive language, why pronouns are important and how to use them correctly.

Unconscious Bias
Saturday November 12

In this session you will learn: The main obstacle blocking the way to inclusion, unconscious bias (UB). You will also learn how stereotypes influence UB, where UB’s originate, the most common UB's and strategies to dismantle your UB’s.

Creating Inclusion For 2SLGBTQI+
Saturday November 19

In this session you will learn: The concepts diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) & belonging, and how to remove the barriers that block the way to creating inclusion for 2SLGBTQI+

What’s included?

  • A printable workbook to take notes and to use for future reference. (sent to your email)
  • A paperback or eBook copy of my book, Dismantling The Obstacles To Workplace Inclusion. (mailed to your home or office)
  • Additional digital resources - Gender Diversity & Identity Spectrum and Putting Pronouns Into Practice. (PDF's links you can download & print)

After attending this three part series, you will gain:

Understanding of what allyship and advocacy mean so you can become a better ally.

Practical ways to create 2SLGBTQI+ inclusive spaces in your personal and professional life.

Knowledge around what actions you can take to help you make this world more equitable and inclusive.

A greater sense of understanding, awareness and confidence around gender identity and diversity.

Tangible strategies to break down your unconscious biases and challenge your thinking.

An improved level of confidence around 2SLGBTQI+ terminology and inclusive practices.

"Speaking to a live virtual audience can be quite difficult, yet Kristy was able to create a comfortable, non-judgmental space for the participants to interpret the information provided, ask questions, and have open dialogue. Kristy had a very effective way of taking an uncomfortable topic like 2SLGBTQI+ inclusion and making it seem like a comfortable conversation between old friends. I would recommend Kristy to anyone seeking to create a more inclusive environment."

Suzanne Young

Equity is being asked to join the planning committee.

Diversity is being invited to the party.

Inclusion is being asked to dance.

Belonging is the freedom to dance like nobody’s watching.

Terminology can feel overwhelming.
Without confronting your biases they will keep you stuck.
Inclusion isn’t something you talk about, it’s something you do, it requires action.

If you’re ready to…
...embrace the diversity that exists in this world instead of trying to change it,
...understand the importance of striving for equity over equality and
...create inclusive spaces where everyone can show up as their authentic selves...

Then, I look forward to seeing you at this November 2022 workshop series… Become a Queer Ally!

But Kristy…

I am way too busy.
I hear this a lot and I get it. Our lives are full. We have commitments and things that require our time. But, the best way to learn empathy and compassion is to be of service to others. Attend this series for your kids, your sister, your brother, your best friend or someone else you care about. Educating on 2SLGBTQI+ is not about changing your values or beliefs, it's about eradicating destructive behaviour against those who identify as such.

What if I can’t attend a session?
All three workshops will be recorded and replays sent to your email. If you cannot make a session you can watch the replay on your own time. You won’t miss a thing!

I don’t know anyone who’s gay.
Statistics show that 1 in 6 individuals identify as 2SLGBTQI+ and 1.7% of the population are born intersex. The truth is that you’re bound to know somebody that is 2SLGBTQI+. They may not be “out” and could be hiding, covering or feeling unsafe in this world. You have a voice and choice to help change that story. Learning how to be an ally to a marginalized group is one of the best gifts you can give.

I can’t afford it.
As someone who considers themself a lifelong learner, I’ve invested a lot of money into self-improvement and self-development. You cannot put a price tag on improving humanity. We don’t know what we don’t know and the only way to learn, push past ignorance, biases and embrace people just as they are, is through education and self-reflection. I've designed this 3 part series with affordability and accessibility in mind. 

About Me

My name is Kristy Ware and I use the pronouns they/them. I come to you with over 20 years combined experience in leadership, coaching and consulting. I have a genuine enthusiasm for life and passion for well-being and creating inclusive spaces for all. I'm determined to leave this world a better place for my son and the next generation of humans. This is what drives me to do the work I do.

I’ve been inspiring individuals to live better and do better, both in the gym and from the stage for the past 16 years. From Health Coach to DEI Educator, I lead by example, bringing an authentic, genuine and compassionate approach to otherwise challenging conversations. I’m continuously seeking out opportunities for self-improvement and believe that as a collective, we can do anything we set our minds to.

Drawing from lived experiences combined with years of education and upgrading, I help individuals and organizations build a foundation of knowledge around the concepts of well-being, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, unconscious bias, gender terminology, 2SLGBTQI+, pronouns and allyship.

Copyright 2022 by Kristy Ware