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5 Reasons to Hire a Health Coach


Renee had a new year’s resolution she planned to keep: she wanted to hire a health coach.

Her 50th birthday was fast approaching and she wanted to make her health a priority. She knew she needed guidance, accountability and support to help her change some long time habits and to improve her fitness in preparation for a canoe trip coming up that summer. She was looking for the ‘right coach’ and felt like she would know them when she met them. 

That’s when our paths crossed. Renee knew after our first consultation that I was the coach she wanted to work with. Together we mapped out a plan to have her strong and fit for her canoe trip that summer. She had three months to prepare and that she did. She was dedicated and focused.

The weeks leading up to the trip she started questioning whether or not she was ‘ready’. She fell back into some old patterns of questioning her abilities. She felt excited for the adventure but also a little nervous. She had fears coming up like, ‘what if I’m not strong enough?’, ‘what if I’m the weakest link?’ and ‘this paddling group is very experienced and I don’t want to hold anyone back.’ 

Not only were our coaching sessions about building physical strength but about building mental strength as well.

We reviewed the past 3 months of dedicated effort. We reviewed how far she had come, how much time she had invested to prepare and practice and I helped guide her to see that she was going to have an amazing time. She had done everything right to lead her to this day. Very quickly, she began to believe that for herself.  

She paddled and camped out with her group for 6 days. She was one of the strongest paddlers there and this gave her the confidence boost she needed. She arrived home with a new found certainty and improved self-esteem, and was ready for the next phase of coaching.  

Next we tackled her eating habits, meal prepping and planning routines.

She made some very simple yet effective changes that have had huge payoff for herself and her eight year old son. Renee had to show up for each training session and each coaching call. It was up to her to take what she was learning and put it into practice. It was up to her to show up for herself each week no matter how crummy she felt, how tired she was or how many times she could have blew off our session to do ‘something else’.

I am proud to say that Renee and I are just approaching our 1 year anniversary coaching together and I could not be more proud of her. She’s an inspiration to those around her, she’s dedicated to improving her life, and overall well-being. 

During the past year she has gained more energy, more strength and more confidence in her body and her abilities. She has uncovered what triggers her mindless evenings snacking and she now has the tools to self-correct. She makes meal plans, shops with a grocery list, uses cookbooks for inspiration, and enjoys her time in the kitchen more. She now keeps up with her 8 year old son without missing a beat. Whether it’s racing around the playground, hiking up a mountain or biking around town, she’s living proof that changes are possible if you put your mind to it. 

We all have a skill set and areas of life where we thrive. There are other areas of our lives where we need the outside assistance of a mentor or coach. There is always room for self-improvement and a greater sense of self-love. 

Without hiring someone to encourage her, hold her accountable, help steer her back to self-confidence, and guide her closer to what she desired most, Renee would not be where she is today with her health and wellness. She showed up and I helped guide her journey.

Ready to transform your life?

There are 5 main reasons you might want to hire a coach:

1. We keep you accountable. 

Accountability is easy to dismiss when we are left to our own devices. It’s easy to procrastinate or ‘start tomorrow’. Accountability means deciding on specific check-points and showing up for yourself. Accountability means taking responsibility and reaping the rewards.

2. We mentor you, not tell you. 

Working with a mentor means you will have professional guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling to help you shift and grow. Most people can do anything they put their mind to but with the support of a mentor the chance of lifelong success is far greater.

3. We guide you. 

Providing you with guidance means giving you information, tools and tips to solve challenges and blocks. Guidance means nudging you closer to finding the answers for yourself not simply giving them to you.

4. We help you determine your ‘next steps’. 

This could come in the form of goal setting, planning or setting weekly focuses and coaching sessions that build on one another. By determining where you are and where you hope to go, coaches help navigate the path with incremental growth to ensure your success. 

5. We save you time. 

Sure you might be able to rehab from injury, lose weight, gain strength and make positive changes in your life all on your own, but by hiring a coach will help you reach your goals effectively and efficiently. We provide you with tools and techniques for lifelong success and that is invaluable.  


I have worked as a health coach for 12 years helping hundreds of men and women rehab from injury, lose weight, gain strength, gain confidence and make better choices around their health and wellness. 

Like Renee, the first step is yours to take. 

Are you ready?

Want to change your life for the better?  

Are you done with the ‘same old’ routine?


If you’re ready and willing to embrace change then let’s talk! Book a free call with me today.


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