Postpartum exercises to restore, regain and retrain your body.

This is a self-led, 3 month email program that you can do anytime, on your own time!

The series is ideal for moms 1 week - 12 months postpartum, but is suitable for anyone no matter how far out of birth you may be.

After the 12 week program you will feel:

  • Happier as you safely and effectively reduce your Diastsis Recti Abdominus (AKA mummy tummy) and regain your core strength.
  • More confident in your body as you retrain your pelvic floor and stop leaking.
  • Relief from pain in your hips, back and pelvis, through simple strengthening movements. 
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    Less heaviness in your pelvis, less pressure or the feeling like something is actually falling out.

The 4th Trimester Strength Series has all you need to reconnect with your pelvic floor while regaining strength in the areas that need it most: core, back, hips and legs.

Within minutes of birth, your body is on a repair and restore journey that typically lasts 1 year. That is why it is important to engage in slow and controlled movements, paying close attention to your alignment, breathing and coordination.

Before you can train, you need to retrain. Birth is the most physically challenging experience you will ever go through. That is why your goal for the first 12 months postpartum should be focused on building a solid foundation that includes core strength, connecting with your pelvic floor, learning proper posture and core breathing.

As you progress through the 12 weeks, you will begin to regain your strength and confidence. Each week you will receive an email which includes a video with safe and effective exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home. This program requires less than 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week — easy to fit in to your busy Mom schedule.

Is it too soon, or too late for me to start this program?
Although this program is designed specifically for moms 0-12 months postpartum, the exercises are effective for anyone who has given birth or suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction or pain ~ regardless how many years out of birth they may be.

In the 4th Trimester Strength Series you receive:

Video Instruction

Each week of the program you will receive a video explaining and
walking you through the exercises to focus on for that week. 

Written Instructions

Each weekly email will also include written instructions on how to do each exercise, explains to you what muscles are working and the purpose of the movement itself.

Inspiration & Motivation

Each email (sent out every Sunday morning to set you up for the week ahead), contains a personal story or some inspiration, from one mom to another, to keep you going on your journey to restoring your body.

Postpartum Nutrition 101

Included is a printable PDF with tips on how to care for your body from the inside out, how to improve breast milk production, increase your immune system and keep your energy levels up. 

Living In Gratitude

Included is a printable PDF to help get you in a space of gratitude even when you are sleep deprived, your house is a mess, dishes are piled up, and you really need to take a shower! It’s all about perspective.

Things to Avoid

Included is a printable PDF with tips on what type of things you want to avoid postpartum, how long you should avoid them and why retraining your body first before doing anything high impact, is so important and beneficial.

Who is this Strength Series best suited for?

  • Any woman who has birthed a baby!
  • Women who are struggling with any type of incontinence.
  • Women who are eager to regain strength in their core and surrounding muscles.
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    Women looking to restore their body and their self-confidence after having children.
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    Women who are experiencing back, hip or pelvic floor pain or a heaviness in their pelvic region.
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    Women who have a doming mummy tummy that just will not go away.
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    Women who are longing to lose the post baby bulge.

In as little as 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week, you can be well on your way to
restoring your core and regaining strength in your body.
You cannot put a price tag on your personal happiness, dignity and positive body image that will follow.

Private Coaching

Although this program is primarily self-led, it does include a 1 hour coaching call or two 30 minute calls to be used anytime during the 12 week program. As a health coach I will provide a safe and professional space to get personalized support, answers to your questions, and guidance to further improve your healing and strengthening.

Who is the creator of the 4th Trimester Strength Series?

Kristy Ware is your self-care secret weapon! She has been in the health and wellness industry for over 11 years and is a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert, Core Rehab Specialist and Nutrition Coach. She helps moms regain their fitness and fabulousness. She believes that true health is achieved through a holistic approach, by taking care of your mind, body and soul.

Kristy is a published author and has been featured on several blogs such as Bellies Inc. and The Personal Trainer Development Center, as well as podcasts including Get Happy Now, Common Sense and Inspired Women. She is also a speaker and workshop facilitator.

Kristy coaches clients both in-person and online. Her mission is to empower and encourage women to love themselves and their bodies and celebrate each and every win, no matter how small. Kristy loves nothing more then helping moms regain their strength, their self-confidence and truly love their bodies.

When she is not working, you can find Kristy cooking up healthy food in the kitchen, being active outdoors, or playing Lego with, or without, her 5 year old son. She lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Kristy Ware

Why did I create this program?

I believe that every experience we have in life leads us down a certain path. We always have two choices: to learn from it and rise above, or let it drag us down.

I suffered a major back injury in 2011 that left me barely able to walk, let alone fitness train. I was devastated. I wasn’t sure what it all meant at the time but two years after my injury, I learned that I had a weak core and pelvic floor dysfunction despite feeling the fittest and strongest I had ever been.

While I was still recovering and understanding more about my pelvic floor health and core rehabilitation, I then witnessed the lack of support and knowledge my wife was given, both before and after the birth of our son. I knew something was missing. I had been the in the health and fitness industry for many years and I saw the gap in the care women receive about their bodies and how I could better support them in their postpartum recovery.

What I learned is that core strength was not directly related to the amount of crunches, sit-ups, high impact exercises, heavy weight lifting or things like Crossfit or marathons one can do. Our pelvic floor is our foundation: it sets the stage for all other movement and exercises. Healing, recovery and core strength must start here.

I have made it my mission to educate and motivate women to take care of their health from a place of empowerment and courage — body, mind, and soul.

What other moms are saying about the program:

“I love how easy the videos are to follow and the personal stories you have included. So relateable and accessible.” -Jenna

“The videos are very helpful! I also love the beginning of the emails, how you add something personal in them or something to get our minds thinking."

“I like the simple, clear and easy to follow videos and weekly exercise progressions. I'm already feeling stronger.” 

"I love that I can do the exercises anytime I want. They are easy but engaging and I feel like I am working muscles that I have not used in a while. I love knowing what to focus on, and that it's safe for this stage of my postpartum recovery. My pelvic floor is feeling tighter and I have no problems peeing. And my husband says, I've recovered more quickly after this pregnancy then my previous 2! ;-)" 

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