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3 Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Embrace Change


On Friday we were in the gym doing business as usual and by Monday we had closed the doors for an unknown amount of time because COVID 19 had hit our community. With it came a lot of fear, confusion, and change. For me, it brought up a lot of uncertainty around my work, family life, home, financial situation, and health.

It’s in times of major transition that our habits, routines, and lifestyle are put to the test. It’s also a time of opportunities and finding new ways of doing things that we may not have ever previously considered. I believe there’s a silver lining to every situation— you just have to be open to seeing it.

For many people, change is not something they welcome. Us humans are set in our ways and the thought of changing our order, system, or routine can bring up a lot of resistance. I know, I’ve fallen into this trap so many times. I’ve lived the majority of my life creating routines, living with rigidity, and fearing the unknown. I’ve worked really hard to shift that mindset and find ways to embrace change instead of fearing it. It might be an inevitable part of life but it still feels uneasy.

Some things I’ve done to help navigate change in my life is learn the art of meditation, of being still, the use of affirmations, and the ability to honour my feelings while also checking-in to see whether or not they are real or projections. These practices have helped me immensely to stay grounded and embrace change. It’s still something I work on daily but it’s like anything, the more you practice the better you get.

At a time when it feels like the entire world is changing by the day, strengthening our mindset is more important than ever. By implementing a few simple shifts in consciousness I have been able to continue to forge onward while remaining positive and optimistic about the future.

What if you were better equipped to embrace change instead of dread it? Check out these very simple but effective ways to make that shift in your thinking:

Look for the bright spots.

There is always something positive happening, we just need to look for it. It’s easy to focus on the negative but does that really make you feel better? No. What makes us feel better is seeing a young person help an elderly person, people picking up trash, planting a garden, laughing, playing, dancing, smiling, enjoying a good meal, and genuinely being kind to one another. Those simple things are bright and happy. Look for them, they are there.

Adapt to change.

Instead of dreading a change in routines and lifestyle what if you embraced it? Change is a time of evolution, innovation, to learn, to grow, and to pivot. It’s an opportunity to come together as a collective and make choices for the highest good. Human beings are extremely resilient and adaptable. Don’t lose sight of who you are and what you’re capable of. You can adapt. It might feel uncomfortable at first but you got this!

Create new routines.

Life as we knew it has changed forever. There is no going back to the way things were, there is only moving forward. The way we do business, interact, travel, spend our ‘free’ time, and move around our community has changed. Shifting your mindset from ‘this sucks and I want to go back to the way it was’ keeps you stuck. So get creative amidst the chaos! That will help you stop relying on what was and be open to what is now. Flow with the change and create new routines.

Something I learned many years ago is that we only have control over our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. We cannot control the world around us, again, something I have always tried to do to keep me safe. But, what I found is that when I gripped things in my life so tightly it was then that change affected me negatively. When I released my grip and let life flow, my ability to see the lessons, the beauty, adapt and change became much easier.

As I’ve learned to shift my thought patterns, I have become better equipped to shift my mindset. If positivity is one of the cornerstones to happiness, then a positive mindset sets us up for positive change.

What’s something you’ve done to help you navigate all the changes this year? I’d love to hear about it, please share in the comments below.


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