May 30

These 3 Important Things Happen When You Show Up for Yourself


“You’re lucky I like you Kristy, otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now.” she says in all honesty. “It’s pouring!”

“Well that makes two of us,” I reply with a laugh. “It’s only rain and you did commit to my class so you could get fit right?” I pause. “So, this is part of what getting fit feels like,” I tell her.

“On second thought, cleaning up from dinner and doing bed routines with my 3 boys does not sound nearly as appealing as being here enjoying your wit and this workout” she replies.

“See, you showed up for yourself and you and I both know deep down you wanna be here” I say as we give each other that knowing smile.

“I promise you will all be feeling great in about 10 minutes!” I say while huffing and puffing through burpees and squat with my class.

Making a commitment to yourself and sticking with it even when it feels challenging truly will make you feel better.

Whether you are showing up for your friends, your work, your children or your spouse, making that effort and following through has so many benefits. It takes away the guilt factor, the ‘I should have done it’ and the excuses.

Showing up regularly is especially important when you make health and fitness related goals. Everyday you commit to doing the very things you said you would do gets you one step closer to feeling your best.

It takes somewhere between 20-40 days to create a habit. That’s only 3-6 weeks of time to take an old pattern that is no longer serving you and re-frame it into something positive.

There are three very important things that happen when you show up for yourself and in turn, for others.

1. The universe hears you

By being consistent with your actions and your words, you are telling the universe you are ready and willing to commit to your goals and dreams. This allows the universe to line things up in your favour and propel you closer to the very things you are longing for. It will take time and it will be a journey but with positivity and dedication, anything in life is possible.

2. You inspire those around you

The energy that you create when you do something positive, even if it was hard to get to that place in the beginning, is well worth the pay off. When you do things like cross off an item on your ‘to do list’, put an X on your calendar to mark a day you went without sugar or check in on your exercise app to track a workout, you are celebrating your accomplishments and inspiring others to do the same. Good behaviour is contagious and human beings like to be viewed as ‘fitting in’ so when you set a good example, others will follow.

3. Your self-worth improves immensely

By making a commitment to yourself and following through on that, you prove to yourself that you are in charge of your own destiny. Walking the talk proves you have the integrity and dedication to do anything you set your mind to. Speaking your goals aloud holds you accountable and helps drive you closer to what it is in life that really matters to you. Your confidence will get a huge boost from this!

Seriously — start showing up for yourself every single day and the rewards you reap are just a bonus.

If it’s your fitness you are showing up for, don’t forget,  it truly only takes 10 minutes for your body’s happy hormones to start jumping around and for you to start feeling great in your body. Make that commitment.

If it’s your overall health you are committing to changing, taking a moment each day to check-in on what your body needs and if the choices you are making are the best ones can go a long way. Make that commitment.

When it comes to your mindset, find a spiritual practice or meditation that resonates for you and that you can realistically stick with. Make that commitment.
The take home here is that by showing up for yourself and committing to your goals and dreams, your self-esteem soars and everything starts to fall into place as if by magic. But you, my friend, make that magic happen with every choice you make.



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