I come to you with over 20 years combined experience in leadership, coaching and consulting. I've helped countless individuals and organizations improve their health, well-being and cross-functional connection through group coaching and training programs.

Whether it's implementing simple sustainable health strategies. understanding diversity, equity and inclusion, or putting pronouns and inclusive practices in place for 2SLGBTQI+, I've got you covered.

Together we will transform your life and workplace, one small action at a time. 

This much I know for certain: life is not a straight line you follow from where you were, to where you are, to where you want to be. It's more like a forest path, scattered with fallen tree branches to step over, rocks to boulder, ditches to leap, valleys to descend, and mountains to climb.

The way I see it, we have two choices in life: we can accept things just as they are, or we can choose to change and grow. I choose change and growth.

Given the opportunity,  I hope to help you and your organization choose the same. 

Part of growing is a willingness to learn, being open-minded, approaching life with curiosity over judgement and believing in yourself and in others.

I invite you to be the change you wish to see.

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“Kristy presented to our Leadership Team at Broadmead Care on Inclusion in the Workplace. It was fantastic! Kristy’s ability to put people at ease while engaging our team members with open dialogue was beyond expectations. Their message to start small and to not be afraid of making mistakes gave our team the confidence to get started. We felt empowered by the session and would not hesitate to recommend Kristy to any organization!”

- Denise May, Broadmead Care

We each have a voice and a choice to do better and live better. 

I know from experience that lasting change starts with a desire. Each and every day is an opportunity to forge a new path and to take action toward what you desire most. And when you do, that's when real transformation happens. 

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You cannot change your past but you do have the power to create your future. 

Anything is possible.

You must believe it before your see it.

You must trust with every ounce of your being that you can be the change you wish to see. 

Whether you hire me to speak at your next event, learn through one of my DEI Inclusion programs, coach as part of a group, or we work together one-on-one, I guarantee that the science, stories and strategies I share with you will inspire you and your team to take action towards greater health, well-being and inclusivity. 

Would you like to coach together?

“Kristy is a great presenter with impactful reflective exercises that challenged my students and I's thinking and unconscious biases. Her engaging style and positive energy made her virtual sessions fun, informative and game-changing in the diversity, equity and inclusion space."

- Karen Bowen, Okanagan College & EQ Development Group


“Well-being cannot be measured by a number, nor is it a place you arrive at. It's a way of life.” - Kristy Ware

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