Nutrition Coaching

Group Nutrition Coaching is for you if you enjoy being part of a group, supporting and connecting with others and you're self-motivated.
Done with dieting?
Longing for more self-love and a better relationship with food?
Want to improve your eating habits and body confidence?
If so, click the 'learn more' button below and get on the wait list for FEED YOUR BODY, FEED YOUR SOUL in the fall 2020!

Private Nutrition Coaching is for you if you need accountability and personalized guidance around your food and eating habits.
Done with the on-again off-again diet train?
Want a better relationship with food and eating?
Are you ready to make life long lasting changes in a private, focused and personalized setting?
If so, let's talk! 

1:1 Coaching INCLUDES: 

  • 1, 60 Minute Initial Call Plus Bi-Weekly 30 Minute Coaching Calls Thereafter
  • Email Support To Help You Stay Focused And Consistent
  • Supporting Documents To Better Your Success
  • Meal planning eBooks
  • Food Diary Analysis's and Reassessment During Our Time Together  
  • Minimum 6 month commitment: $279/month


Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

THRIVE GOLD is for you if what you desire is a total mind body transformation. Get the guidance, support and accountability to not only improve your health, fitness and mindset, but make lasting changes in all areas of your life.


  • Virtual Fitness Training, Nutrition & Holistic Health Coaching
  • Customized Workout Programs 
  • 20 minute Coaching Call Three Times / month
  • Nutrition Coaching, Meal Planning eBooks and Food Diary Analysis
  • Mindfulness Coaching & Bonus Gifts by Mail
  • Email Support
  • Minimum 6 month commitment: $399/month

THRIVE SILVER is for you if you are self-motivated but enjoy working with a coach who can offer support and accountability that will improve your health, fitness and mindset.


  • Customized Workout Programs 
  • Food Diary Analysis Plus Basic Nutrition Coaching
  • Email Support
  • Minimum 6 month commitment: $299/month


1 Month Kick Starter  

This 3 session coaching package is for you if you need to jump start your nutrition and fitness journey.
Fallen off the wagon?

Know what you need to do but failing to make it happen?

Unsure if you are ready to commit to a longer coaching program?


  • One, 60 Minute Initial Coaching Call Plus Two, 30 Minute Follow-Up Calls
  • Food Diary Analysis 
  • Meal Planning eBook of your choice (Gluten-Free OR Vegetarian)
  • Customized Workout Routine
  • Additional PDF's & Audios: Gratitude Practice, Affirmations & Guided Visualization
  • 1 month program: $449


“Your health and wellness is what you believe it to be. Your beliefs become your choices and your choices become your actions.” - Kristy Ware

Ways to Work Together

Online Coaching

In-Person Coaching 

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